Moths & Butterflies

Moths & Butterflies of Bhutan

The country is reportedly expected to have 800 to 900 species of butterfly. Of these, 140 species have been catalogued with photographs in the Butterflies of Bhutan booklet published by the Royal Society for the Protection of Nature in 2007. These include some rare species such as the Blue Dake Euthalia durga and Blue Forester Lethe scandal. Internationally protected species such as the Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis lidderalii and Kaiser-i-Hind Teinopalpus imperialis are also known to occur in the country although they have not yet been photographically catalogued since they are rarely seen.

Bhutan harbors enormous number of butterflies owing her geographical setting. Very little is documented and photographed on subject.

So on this scale our doors are wide open for the enthusiast to explore our nature to photograph, enjoy live rare species, on the whole to showcase to the rest of the world, where habitats are dwindling for these elusive and beautiful creatures of mother earth.

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