Answers to Questions We Were Asked Along the Way

Why would I want to visit Bhutan?

Nature Tourism-Bhutan offers popular Bhutan holiday packages that show off the magical kingdom called the Land of the Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is known for its unique cultural heritage as well as its biodiversity. It could well be the closest thing to Shangri-la you’ll find on planet Earth.

Who does Nature Tourism-Bhutan serve?

Our company offer Bhutan holiday packages aimed at international clients with an interest in our unique nation. The tours focus on nature, the Bhutanese ecosytem and its culture.

What kind of itineraries is available for Bhutan holiday packages?

We can design an itinerary that precisely meets the needs of any kind of traveler. Consider coming to Bhutan for birdwatching, botanical tours, mountain biking, walking journeys, art, architecture and cultural festivals. All are available as part of our tailor-made Bhutan holiday packages.

How do I know I can trust Nature Tourism-Bhutan?

Our company’s leaders and employees are travel industry professionals with a long history of traveling in this nation. When you choose to travel with us, you’ll be with experienced experts from the moment you arrive.

What can you tell me about the safety of Bhutan?

Our Bhutan holiday packages are inherently safe because the nation is safe and hospitable. Most people you encounter will understand that the Bhutanese economy is dependent on travelers and treat you well – with respect and dignity.