About Bhutan

About Bhutan

Situated in the lap of nature, the peace-loving country of Bhutan is a promising land of myriad experiences. Bhutan, also known as, “the land of the thunder dragon” is counted among one of the isolated nations of the world. A holiday in “The Last Shangri-La”, as most people call it, can unfold a deep sense of mystery, comfort, adventure and fun. Dipped with immense scenic beauty and serenity all around, Bhutan is a place worth visiting. We, Nature Tourism-Bhutan, are here to enlighten you with everything you would like to know about Bhutan.

Location: The Kingdom of Bhutan is ideally located in the eastern Himalayas, between Tibet towards the north, and the Indian territories of Assam and West Bengal towards the south, Arunachal Pradesh towards the east and Sikkim towards the west.

Area and Population: Having a population of 7,00,000 approximately, the Kingdom of Bhutan spreads over an area of 47,000 sq.km.

Language: Dzongkha is said to be the national language of Bhutan. English is the official language that is widely spoken in all government offices and businesses in Bhutan. Apart from theses languages other languages that are prevalent in different parts of Bhutan are Nepali, Khyengkha, Burnthangkha, Sharchopkha and common dialects.

Climate: Bhutan enjoys a varied climate. Bhutan Climate ranges from tropical towards the south, cold towards the north and temperate towards the center. Bhutan Climate can be easily divided in to four seasons namely, spring, Summer, autumn and winter. Although Bhutan has a lot to offer you round the year, but for attaining more pleasure, the best time to go for Bhutan Tours is from November to early May.

History: Surrounded with mystery, the history of Bhutan begins with the introduction of Buddhism in the country with the arrival of Buddhist Saint Padmasambhava, also called Guru Ricpoche. Some of the popular events that are worth mentioning while discussing the history of Bhutan are the arrival of Ngawang Namgyal and Shabdrung. Get to know more about Bhutan and its history during Bhutan Tours with Nature Tourism-Bhutan.

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